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"Odin's Farewell to Brunhilde" by Konrad Dielitz, 1892 and a tattoo of the same "In the Icelandic version of the legend, Brunhilde was a Valkyrie—a.

Odin and Frigg

Odin and Brunhild by K. Dielitz yes, she was real. She was a valkrie sheild maiden and my grandmother about 45 times ago

Não poderia começar descrevendo uma outra entidade mitológica que não fosse o grande pai-de-todos nórdico, Líder dos Asgardianos e deus-mor...

"Odhin" by Johannes Gehrts. The Norse god Odin sits enthroned, flanked by his ravens Huginn and Munnin, and the wolves Geri and Freki.

Know thine mythology!

Some people think that Christmas is a Christian holiday, but this shows pagan + the non- Christian background to Santa.

Valkyrie artwork by Mico Suayan for DRONEFACE.ORG

Product description of the Valkyrie Superguitar designed by DRONEFACE.

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Valkyrie Viking tattoo Always wanted a pin up girl tattoo, this is definitely making me rethink to something more like this!

Valkyries of Norse mythology, as depicted by Peter Nicolai Arbo, 1869.

Design Toscano Valkyrie, 1865 by Peter Nicolai Arbo Framed Painting Print Size:

Carl Emil Doepler's Costume Designs for The Ring Cycle [RING CYCLE, SCANDINAVIAN MYTHOLOGY]

Valkyrie (Norse Mythology) - Carl Emil Doepler's Costume Designs for The Ring Cycle