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......Derp....! Really? Ppl swallow this? Sadly....(for them) yes they do...NOT ME! NOT EVEN! BE A WOLF IN A WORLD OF SHEEP!(Mena ♌️ =)™

Funny pictures about Salvation for dummies. Oh, and cool pics about Salvation for dummies. Also, Salvation for dummies.

Confederate flag made by a racist for racist that wanted to fight for the right to own other human beings because they are the "superior" race. And still used today by those who wished the South won.

Hypocrisy is when you defend your right to fly the confederate flag, but think witting down during the anthem is an unforgivable demonstration of un-patriotism & disunity

I need to look this guy up to confirm but I thought this was interesting.

Not been fact checked. OP: Maybe if we'd been shown a more realistic representation of what the actual man would have looked like, dark-skinned people wouldn't be subjected to the prejudice they've suffered for many centuries.

i think this all.the.time. being a sheep is not a compliment

How do you know you're thoroughly brainwashed? When you're called sheep, and you're proud of that instead of offended.

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Funny pictures about For Those Who Believe Humans Evolved From Monkeys. Oh, and cool pics about For Those Who Believe Humans Evolved From Monkeys. Also, For Those Who Believe Humans Evolved From Monkeys photos.

A thousand times, yes. Other books that are true you can just read them &understand. This 1, supposedly inspired by the 1 true God is a puzzle, not meaning what it actually says. This is the best he could do? Dead languages from a small desert revelation that now requires above average intelligence &translations. An all knowing God would know that people would get it wrong and cause others not to believe.

Mark Twain quote=here is another quote took out of context Mark Twain WAS a Christian


Rush Limbaugh: "Illegal immigrants should get out." American Indians: "Okay. When you leaving?