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love garfield and his original show Garfield and Friends.when cartoons used to teach you something and were worth the paper they were drawn on!

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My favorite cat - @tikisoka- #webstagram #garfield #quotes

When Life Puts You in Tough Situations, Don't Say Why Me? Just Say Try Me! - another inspirational thought for you to enjoy while you go about your day

I’m undertall

I'm undertall

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Naps are for old people. Therefore, I am taking a horizontal life pause!

Naps are for old people

DE HERSENWEKKER> Weet jij welke 2 intro's dit zijn? Mail je oplossing naar ontbijtshow@n1.nl

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Loading Artist is a webcomic about many things, sometimes revolving around an artist who wants to become rich and famous.

If you want to live a healthier life, make a lifestyle change not some bandwagon-Hollywood-off-wall-fad-sure-to-fail diet.

Ugh, dieting is tough. Read about the 3 most common dieting mistakes we all make and side step them to successful weight loss and healthy change!

A perfect day......if you like rainy days, go to Texas in Winter.

Rainy days are perfect days.--this is me every morning :) I love rainy Washington!

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