"Chad Gadya" by El Lissitzky  El Lissitzky (Russian, 1890–1941)

Book cover for 'Chad Gadya' by El Lissitzky - El Lissitzky Constructivism can be beautiful!

1) El Lissitzky, 1920 2) Constructivism 3) Constructivism combined assorted mechanical objects to make it seem abstract. It also influenced architecture and design 4) El Lissitzky uses constrictivism through his use of rectangular shapes and also contrasting the colors red and black. He also organizes them to balance out the overall piece of work that he did

Vyeshch (The Voice) by Vladimir Mayakovsky, Design by El Lissitzky (Lazar Markovich Lissitzky)

NEJMENŠÍ DŮM [The Minimum Flat] Oldřich Starý and Ladislav Sutnar [Editors] Oldřich Starý and Ladislav Sutnar [Editors]: nejmenší dům [The Minimum Flat]. Prague: Svaz československého díla, 1931. F...

Book cover design and typography by Ladislav Sutnar for Nejmenší dům (The Smallest House) edited by Oldřich Stary and Ladislav Sutnar.


Wendingen, No. 11 El Lissitzky (Russian, with article by Dr. Journal with one lithograph and line block cover

El Lissitsky & Maiakovsky  "A arte não é um espelho para refletir o mundo, mas um martelo para forjá-lo"  (Vladimir Maiakovsky)

Three projects that are based upon the work of El Lissitzky that were created for the Golden Age of the Russian Art exhibition, Moscow, Spring 2014