Love this Rain Chain and the idea of it landing in a dish that drains out! Would be so cool to listen to while it's raining!

Add Style Outdoors with a Rain Chain Rain chains are a stylish alternative to downspouts. When water empties out of the gutter, it clings to the chain until it reaches the ground. A catch basin lets it gently spill over to prevent erosion.

I love the sound & look of rain chains...they would be pretty hanging down a covered dock...

Here is some great idea for your garden, rain chains. If you want to make something that will make your garden more relaxing place rain chains are the righ

This is kind of fun: 5 Wonderful Rain Chains Roundup | Apartment Therapy

5 Wonderful Rain Chains — Roundup

DIY Vintage silver spoon rain chain.  Could look nice on our little balcony.  -KWA

Gorgeous DIY Rain Chain Ideas Here are some gorgeous rain chains that you must try this summer. They add the perfect touch to any garden or outdoor area. Rain chains are simple to make and you can …

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Strutting through the vegetable patch or pecking around your flowerbeds, our funky folk-art poultry are simply irresistible. Each "flock" member is individually hand-painted and will age to a pleasing, rusty patina when left outdoors.

Prism Hanging Terrarium - Glass Terrarium - Plant Terrarium

I would paint the frames to match the cabinets and appliances to keep the style consistent.

A must have for the garden. Use the natural resource & save some on the water bill.

How to Make a Rain Chain Water Feature. A water feature is an excellent focal point for any type of garden. One that incorporates the Japanese-inspired rain chain, which is.

Check dams made from packed earth and river rock are used in each curb extension to slow and retain stormwater runoff. Innovation and Photo Credit: Kevin Robert Perry.

good idea for the hell strip to help with filter water from the store systems

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Rain chain you'll want to have. These chains, hooked to a drain, remain taut & sheet water beautifully. Garden & Be Well, XO Ta.

Copper rain chains. Much better than down pipes. ~ even nicer if you thread small brass bells along the chain

5 Wonderful Rain Chains — Roundup

Rain chains are called 'kusari doi' in Japanese and have been used for hundreds of years to deposit rain water into barrels for later household use. now all we need is some rain!

A rain chain and stone basin not only adds interest to this garden but also helps to eliminate a problem drainage issue.

A rain chain and stone basin not only adds interest to this garden but also helps to eliminate a problem drainage issue.