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「Be My Husband Victor!」/「スダンダン」[pixiv] oh my gosh can I just rant about how cute they are I mean dang, dang, diggity dang, their faces and usgh too cute

Otabek is drawn very hot here. VERY HOT

Otabek x Yuri UGH i dont know why but i just like to call him Yuri without the o and yuuri with two u's

Que lindo

Yuri On Ice. Victor Nikiforov, Yuuri Katsuki and doggie Makkachin.

Victor And Yuuri / Eros / Yuri on Ice / #yoi

Victor And Yuuri / Eros / Yuri on Ice haha omg yuri x yuri xD

Valentine's Day Yuri On Ice by EryenArt on DeviantArt -- Viktuuri and Otayuri

Yuri On Ice - Yuri Pilsetsky

Yurio and Otabek

Yuri and Otabek (I'm honestly depressed that I can't read kanji, cuz I wanna know what this says -_-)