Abgefahrener Konzept-Trailer zu The Leviathan

Ruairi Robinson has released his proof-of-concept trailer for The Leviathan, a 3 minute short that pitches a sci-fi thrill ride.

Chironex - Gwent Card “Gods, that’s no unicorn!” – the last words of Vilemar, a famed collector of curiosities.” by ANNA PODEDWORNA Concept artist @ CD Projekt RED Warsaw, Poland

Monsters: Dark Continent 10 years after the events of Monsters.Movie are available in original prints.  http://watchonlinemoviestream.org/watch-monsters-dark-continent-2014-movie.html

Evangelion redesign - by Nagy Norbert Fanart redesign of Evangelion for the Brainstorm challenge 31 More selected entries [here]

Scene From An Alternate Universe Nature Documentary

Two Scalloped Oxen (better name pending) face off over a territorial dispute. A paintover of some zbrush sculpts I've been working on.The Scalloped Oxen are large reptilian omnivores distantly rela.