Jerza- Erza is wearing Jellal's shirt....AWWW! Jellal: I really like your T-Shirt ;)

Jerza- Erza is wearing Jellal's shirt. Jellal: I really like your T-Shirt

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Why is all the guys in fairy tail (like Jellal) sssooo hot. I just want one of them<<<seriously Tho they're so freaking hoooootttt

Fairy Tail | Хвост Феи+Додзинси•Манга•Пейринги•

I am so waiting for this moment to happen in the manga. I mean, they almost kissed over 200 chapters ago; T-T ~ Jellal x Erza ~ Jerza ~ Fairy Tail ~ Beautiful artwork by akeemi-art

NALU ailesi için uyuma vakti <3

NaLu family Got many requests to draw something like this. I&rsquo;m not very good at inventing their family, so it&rsquo;s pretty typical. But I like such an option and I hope that it will be true.

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Fairy Tail Couples ❤️ *Side note* I don't ship mira and laxus mainly because there has been no development between them soooo yeah.