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this last few years and especially recently as it has consciously clicked, I realize this to be Very true. Proof we all have a soul.

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So thankful for my family and friends who LOVE me when I'm not lovable! TRUE, so TRUE ! "The most memorable people in life will be the friends who loved you when you weren;t very lovable.

So true..

I struggle with this myself. Trying to figure out what I wanna do with the rest of my life, while trying to be happy and not struggle.

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Shitty situations inspire brilliant solutions V I C I O U S L Y // C Y D Typography

So he ran off to find a girl who wears pink aprons and doesn't read. She'll think his world is just swell.

This is the greatest thing I've ever seen. There was once a guy in my life who both he and my friends thought that he offered me the world. Now I realize what I really needed it to be, I needed to tell him that I had my own.

It wasn't suppose to wnd like this

There are times that i hurt so much that i can swear that every bone inside my body feels as if they are breaking along with my heart. I'm barely breathing, i'm falling apart. There is NO pain like a broken heart of a real loving, innocent soul.

Past lovers

If two past lovers can remain friends, either they never were in love or they still are. Weslee Mykel :) me & you remained best friends because we are still in love and now look we are getting married


don't worry about hard times. because some of the most beautiful times we have in life come from changes or mistakes that is what marriage is about their will be hard times in it but Unconditional love is a important symbol in Matrimony- Symbol