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The sun, The stars, The moon by Blair Dreamwork's Movies Fan Art. Top: Rise of the Guardians Middle: How to Train a Dragon Bottom: The Croods http://graphitedoll.tumblr.com

The sun, the stars, the moon by Blair Dreamwork's Movies Fan Art. Rise of the Guardians, How to Train a Dragon, and The Croods.

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diana cavendish and kagari atsuko (little witch academia) drawn by luo.

Loved? Blessed? Nah just drowned in these witeness that blinds me. I can see many darkness, the much as you wish. I keep quiet ´bout it. No one can see it. Arose the fallen ´cause I´m keeping quiet bout all these. It just bloomed, the feeling that I wonpt be doomed. Your love has fallen into me, this hope... This dream for you and me. I´ll be waiting you, so please come and see me very often, more than you think.

This anime woman is truly beautiful - kudos to the artist for the detail of the reflection.