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My name is JoAnn and yes, I am a beach-a-holic. This is, however one disease I do not wish to recover from - ever.

I'm a Beachaholic. I admit to being powerless over my flip flops; the warm sun on my skin, the cool wind in my hair, the sound of crashing waves & the umbrella thingy in my drink

I wonder if the beach misses me? OF COURSE IT DOES! @nandini713

I wonder if the beach misses me. well face it peeps, it misses me more than ANYONE in the whole flippin' UNIVERSE!

I would love to be at the beach!! Lying on beach & listening to the crashing waves! Ahhhh....

I used to think this was just hogwash, but it IS true. Life IS better at the beach. I guess you live and you learn.

Secrets of the Sea ⊰♡⊱

I have always loved the beach. The smell of the salty water, the wind in my face, the gentle roar of the waves all combine to create a sense of peace and calm