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“It resists hopelessness, alienation, and cynicism, the manna already being offered us from above.”   Call to action: Write a poem about the inauguration of our 45th United States President. Then take a picture, post it online, and show others your act of resistance.

Commentary: Why this gay Buddhist teacher is dubious about Buddhist refuge in the Trump era


The 4 Types of Productivity Styles - includes suggested apps and tools for each one

Hey Cat, Let’s Play

Hey Cat, Let’s Play

Cat and Squirrel are best friends! Background: The cat owners looked after the squirrel when it was a baby and injured. The two became friends and after the squirrel's release.

These Leadership Lessons From The SEAL Teams Are Universal For Any Industry #athletenetwork #keepcompeting

Air Force pararescuemen and Navy SEALs leap from the ramp of an Air Force transport aircraft during free-fall parachute training over Marine Corps Base Hawaii. Marine Corps Photo by Lance Cpl. Reece E.

go for the bellini gal.....!!

Waldemar Bonsels – Die Biene Maja und ihre Abenteuer

If the problem can be solved why worry? If the problem cannot be solved worrying will do you no good.

Images of the week, 70 images. Cats Taking Selfies Compilation

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éjszakai bepisilés

éjszakai bepisilés

I believe the same things that make a great restaurant make a great city: the connection between a vision and the people that carry it out, the structures that seem to rise from the mind to the sky and the progress of those who create them. Cincinnati, you are a city of creators.

A Love Letter To Cincinnati

Explore Cincinnati - Chef David Falk's Love Letter to Cincinnati

Clients do not come first Employees come first If you take good care of your employees, they will take care of the clients Richard Branson

Pythagoras was said to have been the first man to call himself a philosopher; in…

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