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Friends-Harry and Hermione. i love this scene. its silly, but its true friendship. I think my favourite thing out of hp is how harry and hermione are like brother and sister

Ron and Hermione

I do love the Ron/Hermione relationship. I think it's one of the better ones in literature. It's DEFINITELY one of the better ones of film. Like Katniss and Peeta, it take Katniss awhile to realize she loves Peeta

11 Missing Lines That Should Have Been In The "Harry Potter" Movies

11 Missing Lines That Should Have Been In The "Harry Potter" Movies

Witches from Hogwarts---Literally love how Hermione doesn't even need a headline. Her name IS the headline

Witch Weekly Magazine Covers, Harry Potter - Hermione Granger, Jinny Weasley, Luna Lovegood : these look AMAZING!

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Harry Potter and the Movie of Sass. That's why his hair is so big, it's full of sarcasm. this caption Harry Potter the boy who sassed and He is the ultimate lord of sass <--- Harry Sasser

This is not true...Nagini was a poisonous viper, probably found in Albania where you-know-who was hiding out. The snake in Philosophers Stone was a boa constrictor born in captivity. Also, Nagini was female and brown. Not male and green.

I knew it! Everyone told me it just happened to be a random snake, but I knew Harry set Nagini free! However, the snake in the first movie had a male voice; Nagini is a female snake. Voldemort said so himself in the 4 book.

Rupert, much like Ron, has struggled to realize Hermione is a girl

Proof that Ron Weasley didn't realize Hermione Granger was a girl until their fourth year. Apparently, Rupert didn't realize Emma was a girl either!

Perfect crossover

Two of my favorite movies combined into one cool picture. Harry Things I Hate About You. This fits incredibly well with Ron and Hermione.