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Matt Smith- I promised myself I wouldn't love him.  But, he's just so, I don't know, adorable!  David Tennant is still my favorite Doctor though.

Matt Smith - Mr Adorable Floppy-Hair >>> I amend that. :P << I will amend that! <-- pinning to amend further. still not as fabulous hair as Tennet

Cute Photoshoot Idea

Matt smith and Karen Gillan. They're maybe the cutest pair of best friends I have ever seen. Anyone else notice that they switched coats in the first pair? Funny thing is Matt actually looks God in Karens jacket!

Matt, Karen and Arthur are legit frendship goals

These three. I love how snarky and sarcastic Arthur is, and how Matt and Karen are constantly picking at each other. THE POWER OF THREE

Matt Smith And Karen Gillan

Doctor Who/ Karen Gillan & Matt Smith <---- can I just be her for a little bit

Cute helen and lazaria (i think its lazaria)

ASK Bloody Painter-How you teachimg Lazari paint? by DeluCat on deviantART Aww!

doctor who new who celebrity nerds - YouTube. I found this hilarious and perfect.

Our own Chris Hardwick discusses a very serious issue that pervades society today - people who are not yet Whovians. I LOVE CHRIS HARDWICK

A Doctor a day/Matt Smith, Karen Gillan duckface selfie, Chicago panel, 8/24/14

A Doctor a day/Matt Smith, Karen Gillan duckface selfie, Chicago panel, <-- Why didn't I know they were two hours away from me? I must get better at this fangirling thing :/

I could think of a few more that could be on here as well......

So accurate :) don't forget John Barrowman, Tom Hiddleston, Robert Downey Jr, and Tom Felton! of the same men.