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Matt Smith <3 <3 <3

Doctor Who: Matt Smith's replacement to be announced this Sunday on live TV (Aug

"Houston what are you wearing?" "A scarf" "I think it's called an ascot" "No no, it's a scarf. I found it in the women's section" "And what, pray tell, were you doing there?" "Okay, so there were 2 drunk Russians, an anaconda, and a very interesting tangerine..."-Houston and Veronica

"He is so rockin' the Tom Baker right now! Tom Baker's scarf is much more colorful, and longer. I should know, I have a replica.

Between Matt Smith and Seth Avett, I'm starting to think that I have a thing for guys in Mickey Mouse shirts.

Matt Smith, everyone. I feel that, remarkably like Benedict, Matt Smith has the quality of switching between amazing sexiness and hysterical nerdiness when it comes to clothing. And basically anything else.

Matt Smith arrives for the 50th anniversary celebrations at Buckingham Palace today

Nice to meet Who: Sophie Wessex meets FOUR Doctors at reception

Okay, this is me being a huge nerd, but Arthur and I are wearing the exact same sneakers

Arthur Darvill, Karen Gillan, and Matt Smith. // hipster royalty coming through

Matt Smith

Matt Smith as Jim Taylor in The Ruby in the Smoke

Our Kid in a suit, @Elizabeth Greer Irrevocably in love

Our Kid in a suit, Lockhart Lockhart Greer Irrevocably in love

How many adorable faces can he manage?!❤ Seriously?!

Matt, give Rose back her jacket. He wears Rose's jacket now. Rose's jacket is cool.

hipogrifo. Matt Smith looks beautiful.

The Fall of the Eleventh: BBC Announces Matt Smith's Exit from Doctor Who ~ NGU Online. OMG I'm going to cry for days and days! Matt Smith is MY Doctor--he can't leave!

doctor who | Weird and Wonderful | Doctor Who TV

From Doctor to Psycho: Matt Smith appears bloodied on stage as he takes on American Psycho

Matt Smith - suited up at Buck House

Doctor number Matt Smith arrives at Buckingham Palace wearing a dapper black mac and shirt and tie

Photo of Matt for fans of Matt Smith.

Matt Smith has this weird attractiveness about him. Is it his hair? Those brooding eyes? He's the Doctor. That's why he's freaking sexy.

omg why can't they just tell us if we've pinned something? its so infuriating. -- Matt Smith :)

Hey guys, the name's Matt Smith, I play the doctor on doctor who. If you wanna know what I'm like, well, Moffat pretty much made 11 like me so yeah.