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Get an adipose cookie-cutter on etsy (click-through)

Get an adipose cookie-cutter on etsy (click-through) Adipose=fat cells.

Doctor Who Adipose cookie cutter.  ADIPOSE COOKIES! Want. @Jennifer McLaughlin

Doctor Who Cookie Cutters: Timey Wimey Tasty Wasty - Technabob


Doctor Who Joke: Your momma is so fat the the Adipose think of her as a natural resource!

My adipose makes me look fat...

My adipose makes me look fat.Doctor Who. I love Adipose!

Doodle Craft...: Doctor Who Perfect Party Planner!!!

: Doctor Who Perfect Party Planner! Adipose made out of marshmallows-- I so want to throw a Doctor Who party

Doctor Who Adipose Putty Stress Toy

Doctor Who Adipose Putty Stress Toy - Underground Toys - Doctor Who - Office at Entertainment Earth

These Doctor Who Adipose Earbuds are pretty awesome. These Adipose won't help the fat slide right off of you, but they do look pretty cute in your ears.  Let these cute little creatures deliver some tunes into your ears, while ot

Doctor Who Adipose Earbuds

Have you considered stuffing fatty adipose tissue into your ears? Probably not, but you certainly might want to think about placing these Doctor Who Adipose Earbuds there. They’ll let you listen to your favorite music in Doctor Who style!

Adipose chocolate cake

Half-orc barbarian rages and the mystery of cakes

The cutest alien ever on Doctor Who is undoubtedly the Adipose, which are little living lumps of fatty tissue. So when I decided to make a cake for my friend Kyla (who is also president of our cake…