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*Liz voice* "Luke honey, don't eat the paper"<<*Luke voice* "Mum, I'm trying to be punk rock."<<<*Liz voice*"I really don't think that's what punks do Lucas"

luke seems to be the only one who knows whats going on all the time

Reason number 1678993827177283929181782829191938837447281292919929283838373737737373 that I love 5 Seconds Of Summer<<< XD "What song are we playing?

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I was laughing the whole time not to mention whn I remembered ashton in target oh gosh im giggling like a cow on drugs<<<< This FAM thou

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oh dont worry as long as there here I wont be calm love these guys

I don't care if you know every inside joke, your favorite is Luke Hemmings, you don't own every song. I don't, and it doesn't matter.

If you have been here since Luke started making covers, since Calum and Mikey joined, since Ash joined, Since they played their first show. A FAN FROM THE START>>so you only respect fans who were with them since the start?

5 seconds of summer - Google Search

5 Seconds of Summer<<<<< Lol I would be Ash just holding up da peace sign

♕✦∘only in darkness can you see the stars∘✦♕

on vine the trending tag is SOOO it's like a fandom thing that just turned into a HUUUGE fight between the fan and like old people it's pretty hilarious if u have a vine go check it out and watch sassy Sara she's on a freaking roll tonight

Honey, they're bigger than the boys face. Of course I've seen them.<<<<<repinning for that comment

Honey, they're bigger than the boys face. Of course I've seen them.>> You know a Cal Girl wrote that because of the radiating sass.