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Memy z Anime ✔ - Yuri!!! On Ice

Hunter x Hunter ( Hisoka & Illumi) x Pockemon ( team rocket)

Hunter x Hunter (Hisoka & Illumi) x Pokemon (Team Rocket) Crossover


aw yissss c;>>> XD so yesterday I was thinking about this, and how it says Haru loves 72 percent of you then I thought well 72 percent of our body is water then I realized, and now I get it

otaku-has-no-life:      Do you ever just have a crisis because you’ve grown so attached to a fictional character and they’re just so perfect you want to cry?     Yeah, that’s happening to me right now…

I can't lie, all those anime-guys are famous because of their sexyness. *Silently goes to Anime/Manga corner and watches anime*

#wattpad #fanfiction Shorts of Ray x Henry

Captain man x Kid danger Shorts - Jealous

This is me when finding a really good dj~ Or a good BL manga updates~ Or I get a good ending in a VN~

I see what you did there.

Ouran High School Host Club OHSHC tamaki hikaru kaoru kyoya<<< if you don't get this meme go find it, it too funny

#Free makoto

How could cereal guy ever think that cute young Makoto would never have a girlfriend?

Hogwarts High School Host Club by ~mystcloud on deviantART. OH my Goodness! This is so much awesome... I don't know where to put it.

Ouran Highschool Host Club- Harry Potter Parody Ouran High School Host Club Style They got it right, though :) love how Kyoya-senpai is the only Slytherin. Fits him perfectly. And the club shows inter house unity. Omg HOGWARTS TIME TO GO