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Yes, and we have to take the unwanted and expensive healthcare.

I get private insurance…. Obamacare is for you peasants. Nancy Pelosi, the lying lib from SF, CA.

STUPIDITY on a million levels.  And I live in NC!

We're headed in the wrong direction, folks . we've gotta turn this ship around before we run aground!

Are we so damaged we choose Barbarism over goodness?  We are On the WRONG TRACK & we WILL PAY!

LIBERAL DEMOCRAT HYPOCRISY The persecution of Christians in America is a sad thing. Hypocrisy at work people! It is time to do something about this while there is still a little hope this country is savable, but we have to do it quick!

He said nothing but lies.

Facebook Monday ……..

Obama's Lies, I don't know about this guy. I mean I hear stores that he's Muslim and all that. So according to "Muslim" religion they can lie to non believing Muslims to their face. Because we are not Muslims and therefore inferior to them.

His politics have no bearing on his actions

ZioJesuit cultural marxist Sickening liberal celebrity hypocrites endlessly lecture us ad nauseûm pursuant to whatever they deem to be unacceptable behaviour, but overlook/condone it within their own ranks.

Obama did NOTHING

Can you say double standard and cover-up? thk::::::::::::::That;s not double standard! It was all planned by the Black Emperor and when things were wrong, the actors needed to be sacrificed.

And men and women with the same ambitions and agenda...

Real Erin Cruz🇺🇸 on

Obama & Holder - The Reason the Constitution was Written

Funny Pictures – 34 Pics

Funny how the ones screaming for gun control always run to people with guns to protect them! - Stop Gun Control

Actually I'd say this CATFISH is a wallhanger.

Don't go full libtard. - THIS DUMBASS will try to convince you that Just say NO to Libtards.

Something a butt hurt liberal would say!

she never was a good actress or comedian, her opinion means less than dirt on my shoe

If we cannot have competency tests or taxes on voting because it denies people the exercise of their constitutional right, how is it legal to use regulation and licensing requirements to pricd the poor out of gun ownership?

MEME: The logic of Eric Holder...

NBC: Eric Holder signed off on criminal investigation of Fox News’ James Rosen