SEASONAL – WINTER – a new-fallen snow appears so peaceful, but still gives me the chills at the frozen island of lake alice in idaho, photo via teri.

Batam, Indonesia by Ahmad Zulharmin Fariza

Nature photography is the type of photography where beautiful objects and moments of nature are captured within a photograph. And I really enjoy photography and nature.

Inlet, Lake Superior

15 digital photography tips from the pros

Trees of winter The perfect day.... if it could look like this outside and be 70 degrees!

Snow in Franconian Forest, Oberfranken, Germany. I have seen the forest like this in Germany while in the Army.

De voorspelling, die stond in de Codex, zei dat de verduistering het licht zou verbergen als er bloed uit de hemel zou vallen. Tijdens deze gebeurtenis was het voorspelt dat Daire, Cade of Dace zou sterven. Maar toen dit gebeurde op Kerstavond was dit niet de echte voorspelling, want Cade had hiervoor gezorgd. Op dit moment was de voorspelling veranderd, want het klopte niet meer. Op de foto lijkt het alsof het pad overspoeld is door bloed, daarom liet dit me denken aan de voorspelling.

Early Snow, Blend of red color of leaves and white color of snow creating an epic picture. Doesn't this look like a red velvet road?


This is a rare meteorological phenomenon called a ‘SKY PUNCH’. When people see these,they think it’s the end of the world. Ice crystals form above the high-altitude cirro-cumulo-stratus clouds,then fall downward, punching a hole in the cloudcover.

trees reflecting off water, picture of the day

Covão da Ametade, Serra da Estrela, Portugal by Pedro Santos, via Reflections can often display much more than twice the existing beauty of nature, as in this shot!