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Fungi: these yellow beauties shrivel as soon as they reach maturity.

Fungi The kingdom of non photosynthetic eukaryotic organisms, fungi are heterotrophic organisms, feeding on other materials rather than .

ภเгคк ค๓๏

ภเгคк ค๓๏

Violet Webcap  (Cortinarius Violaceus) ~ By Richard Droker

Violet Webcap (Cortinarius Violaceus) by wanderflechten - Richard Droker

Orange Peel Fungus (Aleuria aurantia) | 46 #Magical Wild Mushrooms You Won't #Believe Are Real ...

Orange Peel Fungus (Aleuria aurantia) by Borden Creek off of Chilliwack Lake Road in British Columbia.

Hygrocybe psittacina #mashrooms

Hygrocybe psittacina, commonly known as the Parrot Toadstool or Parrot Waxcap, is a colorful member of the genus Hygrocybe, the waxcaps, found across Northern Europe. ~ by (Schaeff) Herink

The Yellow Leucocoprinus Birnbaumii (also known as Lepiota Lutea) ~ By Justabird2

The Yellow Leucocoprinus birnbaumii (also known as Lepiota lutea) ~ By These are often found in potted plants and gardens.

**Mycena amicta, Russia, June 17, 2012.

libutron: “ Mycena amicta With a cap just 5 to 15 mm in diameter, these small fungi belonging to the species Mycena amicta (Mycenaceae), sometimes have a striking olivaceous, greenish or bluish green shade. The base of the stipe usually is somewhat.