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such lovely colors

One autumn I was thinking to take a picture of a group of these toxic red beauties I had seen on the side of my jogging route, but someone had kicked them around. Please don't kick beautiful mushrooms, they deserve some respect!

A real fairytale Mushroom! Amanita muscaria (fly agaric) - Nature Is Beautiful

Marasmius sp.:

46 Magical Wild Mushrooms You Won't Believe Are Real ...

Marasmius Fr found in the Cristalino Jungle Lodge, Alta Floresta, Mato Grosso, Brazil.


Jackson’s Slender Caesar - Amanita jacksonii Amanita jacksonii (Amanitaceae) is an impressive North American mushroom, distributed from the province of Québec, in Canada, to the state of Hidalgo, Mexico.

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VENENEUX blue toadstools Olga Nikoli via Rosa Lopez de Gomara onto lost in a forest III

Rare Stadiumhead Mushroom. Apr 14, 2007 – This manipulated image was created for Week 36 of the Weekly Photoshop Competition group.

"Rare Stadiumhead Mushroom" – This manipulated image was created for a Weekly Photoshop Competition group.

Saffrondrop Bonnet (Mycena crocata)

Saffrondrop Bonnet (Mycena crocata)

"Home for a Gnome" - Red toadstools

red and white spotted mushrooms


mushroom Photograph by SweeMing YOUNG on

Violet Webcap (Cortinarius Violaceus)

Violet Webcap (Cortinarius Violaceus) by wanderflechten - Richard Droker