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Thats some cool ice.

A tree frozen in ice of a winters day

Professional photographer Laurie Campbell shot this image of ice accumulation on a sprig of heather growing close to a stream, Sutherland, Scotland Picture: Laurie Campbell/Solent News & Photo Agency (via Pictures of the day: 31 January 2012 - Telegraph)

A superstitious belief or worshipping

Go here: Karni Mata, rat temple, Deshnoke, India.The temple has around rats that are fed, protected and worshipped.

Lake Geneva ice storm 2005

~~ January 2005 trees, cars, streets, ships were all coated in ice during winter storms that hit Lake Geneva in Switzerland.

Ice Storms!

Week Snow and Ice -Tree bent by the weight of snow (we had an ice storm in Vermont around twenty years ago that looked like this terrifying and beautiful and destructive)

Whalevolution: A Brief History of Whale Evolution

Whalevolution: A Brief History of Whale Evolution

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