This literally breaks me into thousands of tiny ilttle piecese gfselbhvhyjm,jvcdfghjm. Why does everyone assume that older Nico is tattooed up???

Older Nico and Percy playing video games, they are totally like brothers :D Nico with his tattoos 😍 could this be anymore attractive ❤️

When I start talking about it people are just like cool

When someone says something untrue, I stare in horror and correct them thoroughly. Giving the background for my claim

Percabeth Fanfiction <- Adorable! (I only accept these kinds of fanfics).

Read Cutest Couple Ever! from the story Percabeth Moments (Percy Jackson FanFic) by dolphin_erin ( with reads.

No Logan. No.

No Logan. you all are a disgrace. Shame on you! Shame on your family! Shame on your cow! *sigh* this movie should never have been created. it should've been directed by Uncle Rick! Plus, I bet NOBODY READ THE FREAKING BOOK!

I'm gonna go cry in a corner now.... this . . . this . . . is not okay. IM NOT OKAYYYYY  NOT OAAKKAAYYYYAAYYYY

I'm gonna go cry in a corner now. nope nope nope IM NOT OKAY!

And maybe mcdonalds

Low-key want Annabeth to be his go-to when stuff like that happens because she would be that one person to have that shovel on hand and ready to go.