Michael Pollan's writing hut that he built for himself in the woods behind his Connecticut house.

Famous Writers' Small Writing Sheds and Off-the-Grid Huts

Michael Pollan’s writing hut (ok, so this seems somewhat realistic for a redo of your tiny outbuilding. phase V, years down the road. maybe when I can afford to do it?

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Check Out Rustic Kitchen Design Ideas. The rustic design by definition is bringing together country style furniture and modern kitchen decor. It's a perfect merger of style by bringing together modern technology with classic subtlety.

Rustic Log cabin home in the woods!

log homes ! I LOVE and this site has a lot to offer when I do decide to build one of my own :) I love log cabin homes


I'd love to rent a small cabin in the woods for awhile. Across the country, northern Georgia's Blue Ridge Mountains play host to a cozy cabin in the woods (below).

100 year-old Corbin Cabin similar to cabins of the early 1800's where Scotch-Irish lived in Blount and Franklin Counties, Tennessee.

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little log cabin in the woods...this is one of my favorites,,,I've seen this pic all over the internet and fall in love again every time I see it!!! It will be mine one of these days!!

little log cabin in the woods. //In the woods or in the mountains, log cabins are awesome EL//

Mountain Cabin, Lake O’hara, Canada

Top 10 Most Astonishing Rustic Houses In The World

gorgeous....love to see it inside

The perfect getaway; a tiny A-frame cabin in the woods. Would you spend a weekend here?

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How to heat your tiny house in wintertime