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Vegeta and Bulla

Vegeta and Bulla .that one will be more Saiyan than Pan ever will be XD Look at Vegeta's smug, proud dad face!

Dragonball Super - Trunks and Mai by Rider4Z on DeviantArt

I know it gets better for him but his father treated him like crap during the Android saga, and his own mentor dies in his own timeline.

Trunks | DBZ

Future Trunks --GoBoiano - Celebrate Dragon Ball Z Shattering Box Office Records With 46 Fanart of the Series

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Future Trunks New Form v2 by rmehedi on DeviantArt

Future Trunks in some new Super Saiyan form that DB Super hasn't explained

Days of Future Past  By Claytonspfc @deviantart   #goku #gohan #vegeta…

Days of Future Past By Claytonspfc @deviantart #goku #gohan #vegeta…

mirai Trunks

mirai Trunks