rhubarb--- I have a kid story character in the stories I tell my daughter whose name is Rhubarb Kinsella. I love rhubarb. So much I`d name a kid rhubarb, if only an imaginary kid.

watermelon texture

Shop watermelon pattern iPhone 5 case created by aquachild.


Red roses red roses they are so beautiful , look at all the beautiful roses

The Secret Garden

Red door with distressed paint and green ivy - Reminds me of a hidden Southern gem.

Red... passion, pleasure, evoked in the human observer by radiant energy....

THE COLOR RED. It's bold, passionate, inspiring. THE COLOR RED. It's unforgettable and intense. I enjoy many colors (like yellow) but my favorite color is.


Photographer Adrien Broom’s ‘The Color Project’ tells a tale of discovery as a world of color opens up slowly to a curious young girl.