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Gerard at concert, black parade

The End: come one come all to this tragic affiar wipe off that makeup whats in is dispair throw on the black dress mix in with the lot you might wake up and notice your someone your not

Ray!?!? What are you doing??? Don't touch *ahem* Gee's bae! I mean Frank!

Mikey and Gerard are being like the cutest siblings ever. And then Bob is just like, "Well this is a nice lamppost.

this can always make me smile

My Chemical Romance - Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro

i will fight you gerard

if brendon urie, gerard way, and pete wentz circa all had a baby. And it ended up looking like Billie Joe Armstrong

Three Cheers humor...the best kind of humour. Well that and Nothinf Personal

it wasn't a fashion statement, it wuz a freaking deathwish<<<< guess that is just life on the murder scene