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Interesting Ways To Design Your Backyard

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Outdoor living space features small pool, pool house, covered patio with fireplace, and interesting architectural features.

Guest house transition

House is cute but I really like the patio on it. Longwood Estate in Bucks County PA 13

French doors open from stone cottage bedroom - Thompson Custom Homes

French doors open from stone cottage bedroom - Thompson Custom Homes - for the guest house!

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I want this beautiful room and patio in my house! Imagine sipping coffee overlooking this! Copper-roofed breakfast room, or conservatory, with an adjacent terrace for entertaining.

absolutely in LOVE with this cute little tumbleweed house. love the curb appeal, the back patio, the quaint but modern feel, the color of the flooring as well as the walls and the kitchen is speak and modern too. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Deidre's Brand New Tiny House at the River — House Call

At 960 sq ft, this custom Tumbleweed house qualifies as a “small” house, which is still the size of the typical sq ft American home. Tiny Homes

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These California homeowners' love of outdoor living also extends to the house's lush garden, which is tucked inside a fragrant 40 acre citrus grove.

14 of the coolest tiny houses in the world

Love this cottage: thats the kind of place I want in my back yard to retreat to when I need quiet time because everyone else in the house has ticked me off- oh wait . I live alone, ok so when I need a time out from myself then- lol