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This Kim, with the blue hair, is almost like V from Mystic Messenger. But they wouldn't be able to compete with each other because there both handsome!


Read Rap Monster-Feliz Aniversário from the story Imagines BTS by dkyunggie (Summers) with reads. Namjoon P.

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Eu poderia estar matando, roubando, mas só estou enaltecendo a fofura desse homem ♡

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😄😄🎁🎉🎊Happy b'day rap monsta Many many wishes from army

aweeeeeee Namjoon is so cute <3 Meanwhile VMin In The Back...... xD | allkpop Meme Center

Namjoon is so cute

140514 how adorable❤ Rapmon taking a selca with his mummy~ ft Jimin XD and V?

Background for Jin and RapMon A.R.M.Y's❤

Qui es-tu réellement ?!

Background for Jin and RapMon A.R.M.Y's❤