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♥ Michael Jackson ♥ - beautiful collage with him holding Prince, Paris and Blanket as babies. How in the world could people think he was a pedophile is beyond me.

Michael Jackson on a Honda CB350 motorcycle | #celebrities #bikers #riders

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MICHAEL JACKSON / Off the Wall [1979]

How Many Of The Greatest Pop Albums Of All Time Have You Heard?

Music (Off the Wall - Michael Jackson ♥. His very best album! I remember the first time I heard it. My parents took us to the neighbors party and they had just gotten this album. We were like what is this greatness?

Oh, I'm sorry. I can't hear you over all the coolness.

Michael Jackson & Freddie Mercury - Was lucky to see both of them live.Jackson 5 at a park concert when I was a kid, and Queen when I was in grade!

bad ( #michaeljackson #MJ ) ✌eace | H U M A N™ | нυмanACOUSTICS™ | н2TV™

Sidney Randolph Maurer, Michael Jackson Invincible Era, Maurer Original Art Editions - Icons of the Century

“Let us dream of tomorrow where we can truly love from the soul & know love as the ultimate truth at the heart of creation.” Michael Jackson

On June the world lost the Greatest Humanitarian ever to grace us with his presence. Michael Jackson was a gift from God. No other human being, musical artist or theatrical artist that has worked as tirelessly as Michael to make a change in our world.

Former US President Ronald Reagan and Michael Jackson

Ronald Reagan and Michael Jackson - Illuminati Satanic politicians and Celebrities who sold their soul to devil or are/were under CIA Nazi Satanic Illuminati Mind Control Programs and promote/promoted NWO satanic Agendas.