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My Chemical Romance // Gerard Way

The beautiful and talented GERARD WAY everyone ♥~♥~♥~♥ his eyes look kinda green-blue

Gerard Way. Someone find this poor baby's hat - he lost it probably 2 years ago, by now.

we're all just born to decend ✧ gerard way of "hesitant alien" and my chemical romance

My Chemical Romance ~ Gerard Way

Gerard Way ~ My Chemical Romance freaking love Gerard and Mikey way and frank and Ray!

Gerard Way selfie from this morning

((I see that bowie shirt you little fuck CLOSED I GUESS IDK ANYMORE FUCK)) Gee: I lie in bed, we're back in Jersey for now until everything is moved but other than that it's my birthday which is nice.

Seriously how does one get to be this fucking gorgeous

This right here, ladies and gentleman, is an extraordinarily pretty man.<<of Gerard way is prettier then you clap your hands *clap clap*

Gerard Way

My Chemical Romance ~ Gerard Way <<<<is his hair blue? It looks like it and I've seen this pic many times but don't remember him ever dying it blue

gee can look tired bored and half-dead and he's still the prettiest one at the party

Gerard Way, was never a big fan of the white hair, but I still think he is beautiful // hes so pretty tbh

18 more days. (GERARD IS SO BEAUTIFUL LOOK AT HIM OMG.) #mcrxcountdown #mcrx

Gerard Arthur Way, borned in Newark in the lead singer in my favourite band in this world - My Chemical Romance. Gerard Arthur Way, .

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