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Esref Armagan, blind artist - paintings and art MORE OF WTF FUN Fact are coming HERE art, peopleand fun and nature. And still he paints better than me


Why sleep when you can meme?

How to improve students performance - WTF fun facts I wonder why they didn't realize this sooner haha

Pablo Excobar - people’s fact  MORE OF WTF-FUN-FACTS are coming HERE  funny and weird facts ONLY

I am in the wrong business. Clearly I need to pursue a career in rubber band distribution.

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Actually he was removed from the bubble to a sterile room where his parents could touch him. A while after that happened he died from a bakteria that came from a bone transplant

I bet he kicks himself everyday

Netflixs Reed Hastings believes AT&T Time Warner merger could be good for consumers


The sticking the fingers in the ears worked for me. Sticking out your tongue, not so much.