Derp and Derpina. Ha! Oliver's favorite song!

A guy had a crush on me once and he started singing this and I finished it off doing the whole version and then I hit his butt with a branched. He was very, shocked.

Silent Hill  Gravity Falls. Possibly might be the best crossover ever.

Silent Hill and Gravity Falls crossover. Just imagine Dipper and pyramid head and Mabel and the killer nurse statutes (if they had a name.

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People do this to me all the time "hey are you using this computer?" *stands up from computer* "NO IM BUNGEE JUMPING"

It must have been horrifying. hahahha..sadly I have probably made this face in public without realizing it.

Funny pictures about I can't imagine what this text must have said. Oh, and cool pics about I can't imagine what this text must have said. Also, I can't imagine what this text must have said.

The "Okay" guy is the saddest one. :( Didn't know the Awwwww Yeeeeaaaah guy was the actor that played Jonah Jamison though...

Page 9 - Top Comics - Rage Comics - Ragestache. Most of these I knew already, but yeah.

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You dont say DAD

Let's have a lesson on heredity and genetics. Birds simply don't have pandas!


Except Fangorn Forest. And the Forest that came to Dunsinane hill whose name escapes me.