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Sans lol

Sans on the genocide run of undertale. Sick burn there sans (I myself have never and will never do a genocide run of this game because it would physically pain me) <--- oh shit

And we were gonna open up my mystery pinata by zarla on DeviantArt

I was thinking about how at the beginning of the game Papyrus says he has like no friends. YOU'LL ALWAYS HAVE SANS, PAPYRUS Since mons. And we were gonna open up my mystery pinata

The moment you realize you forgot your essay and it's due, but the teacher has already made eye contact with you and said "good morning".

It was years too late. It was too a kid who tod me to get a life, and I finally thought of the perfect comeback. "But if I had a life, I would have to talk to people like you." Three years too late me.

Stay determined. I really needed this.

This doesn't even have to be related to the fame it can be applied to everyday life--- sans, Undertale