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Retail book display at stedelijk museum bookstore | image 2 of 3

irma boom: best designed book at stedelijk museum

Escaparates realizados con materiales ecológicos

Inscribed as carton boxes. maybe we could have them unfold and have messaging on the inside? Then shipping crates could be filled with shredded brown paper/shredded cardboard? All can be composted or repacked to go to the next spot.

和紙デザイナー佐藤友佳理、「呼吸する和紙」で伝統に革新を (4/5)|アート|Excite ism(エキサイトイズム)


和紙デザイナー佐藤友佳理、「呼吸する和紙」で伝統に革新を (4/5)|アート|Excite ism(エキサイトイズム)

SHADE is a customizable folding screen which provides a unique design statement. Here displayed with 5 modules with Kvadrat Gloss 3 anthracite fabric upholstery.

HomCom Portable Storage Clothes Closet Organizer - 02-0246

Foldable Storage Bag Clothes Blanket Quilt Closet Organizer Pouch Space Saver

HomCom Plastic Portable Extra Wide Modular Storage Closet Organizer with 8 Enclosed Cubes

Shigeru Uchida's Khora furniture collection, created in collaboration with Chinese designer Adrian Cheng and featuring patterns made using traditional joinery.

Japanese designer Shigeru Uchida& Khora furniture collection, which is his last piece of work, features patterns made using traditional joinery.

Credit to the Edit °2, CNEAI, 2014 | MOREpublishers

Inspiration for signage/ visual merchandising. Could be used as inspiration for display unit form.

Screen SHADE - @Makrobathrooms

SHADE is a folding screen offering an upscale solution to maximize the bathroom space. It is possible to accessorize it with shelves, leather loop towel holders, mirrors, and object holder pockets. Here displayed in the exquisite medium grain red leather.

Larry Bell, “6 x 6 An Improvisation” (1989–2014). Clear glass, gray glass, and glass coated with Inconel (Nickel chrome alloy), forty panels, each 72 x 72 x 0 ½ in.  (Image © Larry Bell, courtesy White Cube)

Larry Bell, An (Clear glass, gray glass, and glass coated with Inconel; forty panels, each 72 x 72 x 0 in). Photography by White Cube (George Darrel).