Paint Horses: Observe Underneath Chin up on the Closest Horse. That's the Sign of a Paint Horse. These 2 Look like They are Very Dark Brown or Black.

siyah beyaz

beautiful paint horse in the snow. Graceful bent neck, pretty face and gorgeous blue eyes.

vintage diving horse photo, texas :(

Horse with LBJ Banner Diving into the Water at Atlantic City by Art Rickerby. Reminds me of the movie 'Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken'

Zenyatta, 17.2 hand powerhouse some call the greatest female racehorse of all time! Born 2004!!

Zenyatta, the hand powerhouse that some call the greatest female racehorse of all time. Born on April Fool's day in she would be quite a fantastic role model for any young woman. She is brave, she is confident, and she dances when she's happy.

This is adorable!

Caption says, "Jumbo and Nippa (Clydesdale and Miniature Horse) - Nippa loves to shelter under caring Jumbo. (pic by Rachael Hale)". I'm fairly positive that draft horse is not a clydesdale though.

☀Icelandic Horse by Ragnar Sigurdsson such a beautiful creature, picture, and moment! what a beautiful

Obsession  via Cute Precious

Animals Gypsy Vanner horse head shot with long flowing mane and forelock hair of her winter coat, a purebred black and white paint purebred animal, Pennsylvania, PA, USA.