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Spanish Water Dogs - 14 - by Sheryl Gaines And Antonio Garcia Perez

Spanish Water Dogs - yep, we need one of these!

Spanish Water Dogs - yep, we need one of these!

Spanish Water Dog

The Spanish Water Dog can adapt to almost all environments or circumstances, as long as it gets enough exercise. These hardy dogs can endure both extreme heat and cold with no problem.

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Spanish Water Dog - puppies

Spanish Water Dog - puppies

Honestly, this has to be the cutest dog alive - a Spanish Water Dog!  If I didn't have a lab I love dearly and really wish I had another puppy too, I'd get one of these.

The hardworking Spanish Water Dog loves to live an active lifestyle with plenty of fun activities, from herding to swimming.

Spanish Water Dog Puppies

SWD Puppies - Poppy is a bit too old to breed from - so these will have to do.


Spanish Water Dog, Lagotto Romagnolo, Puppies, Puppys, Cubs, Doggies, Pup