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Calvin Coolidge, President of the United States (1923–1929).

A government which lays taxes on the people not required by urgent public necessity or sound public policy, is not a protector of liberty, but an instrument of tyranny. It condemns the citizen to servitude.

Pledge of Allegiance - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Flag_Code

the schoolroom staple didn’t originally include “under God,” even though it was created by an ordained minister. So Eisenhower decided to mesh state and church- which is exactly what our founding fathers did NOT want.

America: A republic, NOT a democracy! Learn the difference! #tcot #ccot #TeaParty

And to the REPUBLIC for which it stands, one nation under GOD, with Liberty and Justice for all. The United States of America is a REPUBLIC NOT a Democracy. It has been this way since the beginning.

Trey Gowdy ~ This guy so awesome. Too bad he can't be cloned. Washington needs an army of politicians just like him. For my children and grandchildren I pray for this.

needs an army of gutsy patriots JUST like him exposing the blatant, insidious, entrenched corruption that harms all Americans. For my children and grandchildren I pray for this.

"1M Bikers Protested IN #DC!!" #COSProject #TakeBackAmerica #PJNET  http://www.jimstone.is/  v @drscott_atlanta @LeahR77

Red Pilled Leah 🌵🎸 on

One Million Bikers Protest In DC. NOT one store looted, fire set, or officer wounded. When a protest turns to violence and destruction, it is no longer a protest, it is a riot.

“The Constitution shall never be construed to authorize Congress to prevent the people of the United States, who are peaceable citizens, from keeping their own arms.” - Samuel Adams

If ever the Time should come, when vain and aspiring Men shall possess the highest Seats in Government, our Country will stand in Need of its experienced Patriots to prevent its Ruin.


I support helping The Needy not The Greedy! America needs to get a grip and stop the Complete Insanity and Chaos the Republicans have served up the last 6 years! (since the day President Obama was elected) Rotten Republicans

And, as many a Republican is more than willing to point out (so they can claim they stopped slavery when in reality they fucking didnt) Republicans WERE the Democrats then. It was a gradual property shift that took everything but the name with it.

The Democrat party members owned slaves and made so much profit from slavery that they fought tooth and nail to keep slavery legal. The Republican party helped END SLAVERY.

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jackdeactivated: “ Thanks to Betsy Ross, Carl Von Donop was too busy to worry about losing the most important battle in American history.