((Open RP, be the boy. PLZ GIVE CREDIT!)) I ran into the room where my best friend lied, he had attempted suicide that night when his brother found him close to death. I began to bawl." I cried.

Please don't leave me. Not again, please.

Darkness engulfed him, slowly drowning him. His lungs burned, but he couldn’t find any air. His body fell weak. He could feel himself dying.

D8 Aww, Chazwick

((Open rp i'm the boy)) *Runs to his room and starts crying*

Touken Ranbu

Cool gas mask guy with yellow eyes, I plan to draw a full-body of this guy with a slightly different haircut later in time^^ (Cool Art Ideas)

Seeing a guy stare at something with distant eyes is an eye-catching experience.

He reminds me of an anime character I created

It's the guy from Just Be Friends music video by megurine luka! I think that they should make him into a VOCALOID in his own right.