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The Hand of Faith is a nugget of fine-quality gold discovered by Kevin Hillier using a metal detector near Wedderburn, Victoria, Australia on  September 26, 1980. Weighing 874.82 troy ounces (27.21 kg, or 72 troy pounds and 10.82 troy ounces), the gold nugget was only 12 inches below the surface, resting in a vertical position. It was sold to the Golden Nugget casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, where it is on public display.

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6.6 x 2.0 x 1.1 cm. This is one of the most attractive Alaska nuggets, of any size, we have seen in recent years. It is a very elongated, elegant specimen that is complete-all-around. It has a fine lustre and bright color to it, with little of the crackling you often see in larger Alaska pieces. Purchased from an old collection sold at Tucson in 2005, this has been with me since. Weighs 77 grams.   Copyright © Rob Lavinsky & irocks.com

12 pound gold nugget-Gold is the only metal with yellow colour. It just captures your mind.

Raw gold nuggets are free form looking and do not have a high shine to them. Only in the finished state (bars or jewelry quality products) does it have that high shine to it.

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