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I concur

"I am still a geek. I don't think there's anything wrong with it. I see no shame in having an unhealthy obsession with something." ~ David Tennant<~~~this man right here!

beautiful paintings by Alice X Zhang

Amazing Portraits by Alice X. Zhang

Gorgeous painting by Alice X. Zhang of the tenth Doctor. I adore her painting style.

MOST definitely!! Wait, you can get paid to ruffle David Tennant's hair? DREAM JOB FOUND. EDIT: This seems to be my most popular pin now. It's got over 100 repins!

I found my new dream job…

I've found my dream job: David Tennant's Official Hair Ruffler.

Gotta love those angels.

Are you a weeping angel? Cause I can't take my eyes off you! - Doctor Who Pick-Up Lines

Doctor Who- Pretty accurate to me.

Born from war; born from love; born from solitude; born from hope; Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve

This shows them really well. 9 had just survived the time war, he became 10 when he kissed rose, 10 became 11 all alone having left everyone and 11 became 12 after fighting and being given regeneration energy all the while never losing hope.

Doctor Who~ this so true! David Tenant is my fav! Which doctor is your favorite!

Wibbly wobbly Timey wimey... Stuff...

Doctor Who Challenge Day "Your Favorite Doctor": I like the Doctor. But my favourite actor to ever PORTRAY the Doctor is David Tennant. His dedication and love for the series is extremely admirable and I love the quirkiness he brought to the role.

It was really the most important question to find an answer to, in order to properly portray him.

David Tennant, ladies and gentleman, trying to solve the eternal mystery of what Hamlet's favorite cookie would be.

Some REALLY great hair.

David Tennant's hair is the BEST out of all the doctors in my opinion. <---- David Tennant's hair is the best out everyone's.

*sobs in a corner*

This should be redone with 11 asleep and 12 jumping up and down on the bed. (And I love Nine and Five's blankets and Ten having a Rose to sleep with!

The ninth doctor was my first and I will always love him for the swaggering gent that he is.

Any love for the Ninth Doctor?

One of my favorite lines from Nine. And I want to find a blonde in a Union Jack. I mean, a specific one. I didn't just wake up this morning with a craving.

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Community Post: 15 Signs That You Study Linguistics

For all things Doctor Who, Torchwood and related wibbly wobbly timey-wimey .

Rose and Ten. My favorite ever. Herimones pretty badass though like.. setting a teacher on fire when she was 11..... come on guys..

I don't think Hermione should be put in the same category as Bella, but Rose IS pretty badass.