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"Who wore it better?" // Dipper>>> dipper for tha win<< Dipper.<<<< Sir Dipping Sauce <<< Dipper's has more sass. He wins <<<< Big Dippy fo da win

I've heard that Rebecca Sugar, Alex Hirsh and the creator of Adventure Time all know one another, so it may in fact be a wave to Gravity Falls.

Why sleep when you can meme?

Rebecca Sugar, Alex Hirsh and Pendleton Ward all know one another, so it may in fact be a nod to Gravity Falls. (Rebecca literally worked on AT for a couple years and of course they know Alex)

A happy-go-lucky spirit

Gravity Falls + Steven Universe i can imagine soos, mabel and steven coming up with dumb songs, dipper and pearl freaking out together, and amethyst and grunkle stan stealing something

Me and my friends be like...! Gravity Falls + Steven Universe!

Gravity Falls and Steven Universe crossover.I feel like this has scarred me for life.

stevenuniverse, Peridot, amethyst, amedot

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