Fire Emblem Warriors || Robin

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Fire Emblem Warriors || Robin

I wonder if this means male Corrin is still gonna be playable Or important Or existent In FE Warriors Also I REALLY want to play as Robin I could totally see a level revolving around a Grima controlled Robin sending out evil forces to attack stuff but then once you do something special Robin snaps out of it and then you find the true enemy That'd be great

Female Corrin in Fire Emblem Warriors

Stupid screen..., let me take my true loves hand! Or at least let me go through it!

Let me take my true love's hand! My issue everyday

Fire Emblem Warriors || Robin

Fire Emblem Warriors F!

This is beautiful :,) - tags: Xander - Ryoma - FE:if - fire emblem fates

I nearly die laughing every time I see this post XD - tags: Xander - Ryoma - FE:if - fire emblem fates

Fire Emblem Fates - Ryoma saves the day (yes, again... (I swear I'm a good tactician...))

Fire Emblem Fates - Ryoma saves the day (yes, again. (I swear I'm a good tactician. choose the lobster, he's op AF

Chrom's revenge

Fire emblem: I wonder if my tactician can fly.

I am literally Dwyer.

Dwyer is undeniably the most relatable character in this game lmao.

*takes deep breath in* .

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Fire Emblem: Fates Corrin, Kana, and Leo

Because Chrom is sexy and he knows it.

The facial expressions. o///o <<<< i just realized he and levi (attack on titan) share the same english voice.

Fire Emblem: Fates | OWAIN NO

Oh my god the original video is hilarious

륜‏ @S_upernova

륜‏ @S_upernova

Like archer, like bow<<<< PINNING FIR THAT COMMENT

nintendo, fireemblemfates, kamui, nohrainscum ---> I picture this every time I play Conquest

I wish I could take a thick, black marker and draw over that last word. Then it would be perfect.

Oh my god Marth xD