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"I love you." Kristoff, "I love you, too." Anna - 4* 9 "The Fall." #ShatteredSight #OnceisFrozen

The moment when Anna and Kristoff thought they were going to die together

"You know him? He explicitly said he didn't know anything about you." Emma, " Well, that's a lie. Not that I'm surprised. All he does is lie." Anna, "So Gold was playing us the whole time. But why?" Emma, David, Mary Margaret and Henry - 4 * 11 "Heroes and Villains"

Anna, Emma, David, Mary Margaret and Henry - 4 * 11 "Heroes and Villains"

"But the important thing is, you can wish on it." Anna and Kristoff - 4* 9 "The Fall."#ShatteredSight #OnceisFrozen

" Anna and Kristoff - 9 "The Fall.

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That's how you knew that even if Rumple truly did love Cora, you knew that Cora never truly loved Rumple. But who cares? We have Rumple and Belle and the basis for their relationship is based on so much more than Rumple and Cora's was!


"We need a hero to pull Excalibur from the stone and now let's face facts that's not gonna be you" - Dark Swan and Rumple (as Dark One conscience)

"Like pirate people :)" I actually ship Swan Thief, but this is still cute :P

like pirate people :) Neal and Emma and the necklace of Keychain