so so sweet!

Loved this scene (Regina, Roland & Robin). <- I need for Outlaw Queen to happen and for them to get married and for Roland to be Regina's stepson and Henry's little brother but remember she doesn't have the best track-record as s step-mother.

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" Operation Mongoose - It was really heart wrenching the way they warped this. But can I just say he looks good Prince Charming he also is wearing eye liner <<< so sad that evil snow had a better arc than the dark swan.

Regina, Snow and Zelena. Once Upon A Time Season 5 Episode 7

Awesome Regina Zelena MaryMargaret/Snow (Lana Rebecca (Bex) Ginny) Once

Awesome Lana on Kelly and Michael in NYC 2013

love how they seem so "regular people" like we could totally hang out! <--- they are regular people. They're just famous regular people