There's this kid in my class that looks EXACTLY like him exept he doesn't have tattoos and piercings on his face, he got the gages tho

When someone I hate starts to talk Divergent funny!Exactly when the teacher calls their name and you just stare at them like this

Divergent Four tattoo

From the movie divergent Four's Tattoo of the factions: bravery, selflessness, honesty, intelligence, and peacefulness. I would love to have a tattoo like that on my back because I am a divergent.

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~Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~ So true, but oh I loved the ending of Allegiant so much.It hurt, yeah, but it was beautiful. I hated Allegent the end the on on top of this is someone else's words not mine so yea

What is wrong with people?

my friend group was talking about howl's moving castle and at the same moment me and my best friend, who twin speak pretty regularly, went it's a book/movie respectivly at the same time

And an exchange of guy talk: | 17 "Divergent" Puns That Are So Bad They're Good

17 "Divergent" Puns That Are So Bad They're Good