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After the story happens they return to the castle and Anna introduces a somewhat embarrassed Elsa to Jack, Rapunzel and Eugene. Basically I felt like drawing Elsa and Anna so I drew them using one of.

On the inside, looking out - Elsa

Frozen - fan art - Elsa draws Olaf and Anna in the frost on the window. this is what i do in the car.


it go let it go that perfect girl is gone here i stand and here ill stay let the storm rage on the cold never bothered me anyway#

Rapunzel Sandwich!

My part of an art trade with A picture of the cousins, Elsa and Anna making a Rapunzel sandwich! Anna, Elsa, Rapunzel (c) Disn.

Elsa as Loki and Anna as Thor. YES!

Elsa and Anna as Loki and Thor. Someone make that frost giant happen! (Olaf as Frost Giant)

Anna and Rapunzel @Karen Jacot Jacot Jacot Jacot Darling Space & Stuff Blog Mote

Anna from Frozen side by side with Rapunzel from Tangled Inspired by the art used in the Tangled Credits Frozen vs. Tangled: Anna and Rapunzel

7 Disney Couples Enjoying Date Night At Disney- soo precious

7 Disney Couples Enjoying Date Night At Disney

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, 7 disney couples enjoying a date night in the disney parks

Anna, Elsa and Rapunzel - elsa e ana fã Art

Rapunzel (c) Tangled Anna and Elsa (c) Frozen Tangled, Frozen => Disney Frozen tangled selfie


Rapunzel of the Ancient Sun Warriors. Because after all, Rapunzel did get her powers from the sun. And she has the fire of a fire bender. In the backgro. Rapunzel of the Ancient Sun Warriors