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That's so true!! Im friends with a Scorpio and he's soo bitchy!! But he's absolutely great! haha

I'm cancer and I'm only sad if I'm hurt and my bestfriend is a Sagittarius and he is not dramatic

This is totally true.  Take notice--Aries is the only one who swears--   HAHA<<< the wait what IS SO DAM TRUE LOLOLOLOL

I do all of these apart from Leo, Libra, Capricorn, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.


My Aries bae let me borrow his sweatshirt but I'm an Aries sooo XD ariesception

This is a lot of my friends! Sometimes me but I have a lot of moods

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Me all the time in school, did i do the homework? asking questions and in a panicked state while acting calm and flipping people off behind their backs.

Why so mysterious Aquarius? Hahahah! xD .. By the way I'm Libra, lol. Selfie. Lol. I would prefer Landscape color Blue.

Why so mysterious Aquarius? By the way I'm Libra, lol. I would prefer Landscape color Blue.

How do I respond. What.. Wha..

Zodiac the signs finding out someone has a crush on them. I'm an aries and this is so true, i actually have done that before :/ i couldnt stop laughing and just kept apoligizing.