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Ember's Fiery Heritage by ThisCrispyKat on DeviantArt

Haven't you ever wondered where Ember's origins lie? After all, if the temple rookery had been so hopelessly destroyed by the time of Ignitus' return, h.

A little Pokemon love story

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Spyro the dragon - 9GAG

Spyro the dragon

Spyro the Dragon (I do and I HAAATE trying to catch those little dragon egg thieving buggers!

I will have him by shalonesk.deviantart.com on DeviantArt

Another mini spyro comic, I don't really know when I'm going to continue this, ( I need to get back into the mood but alas I can't so muc.

hell_of_a_welcoming_committee_by_koofins-d7bzc84.png (858×930)

hell_of_a_welcoming_committee_by_koofins-d7bzc84.png (858×930)

A lot of memories playing Spyro. I remember having to leave the PS2 on because I had no way of saving the game.


Favorite game series of all time! Spyro, you purple dragon, you.

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The book is always better

Comic Book Guy gets shut down by Lisa Simpson! I wish all arrogant people could be publicly shamed like this. The Simpsons